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Why is it so hard to get the ideas sparking off in your head onto the page? Some might say it’s down to lack of ability – but they’d be wrong. Actually, it’s purely a technical issue: your writing and typing simply can’t keep up with the pace of your own mind.

Think about it: your mind loves to speed along at a rate that even the nimblest fingers can’t match. Your voice, however, can. So stop using your hands, start using your voice and discover a whole new way to write creatively and truly tap into your creative flow!

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium AND
Dragon Dictate 3 you can…

  • Write as fast as you talk

    Dragon comes with 99% accuracy right out of the box. Better still, the more you use it, the more accurate it gets. And because it automatically corrects typos, you needn’t worry about spelling mistakes again.

  • Search the web, email, update Facebook and more – just using your voice.

    Because Dragon works across applications, you can browse the web, send emails, update Facebook and more, just by talking.

  • Break free from desk working

    Got an iPhone, iPod touch (4th gen), iPad or Android phone? Get our free app and you can turn your device into a wireless mic over a WiFi network. And with full wideband Bluetooth support, you’ll get great performance using a Bluetooth wireless headset. So, no more being chained to your desk – you’re free to sit, stand, walk as you talk.

You dictate, Dragon 12 transcribes

Dictate into a digital or iOS recorder and Dragon will transcribe for you in an instant. So wherever you are, you can capture a bright idea on the fly, then get it written up back home or in the office.

Natural voice playback for easier proofing

Dragon will play back your writing in a natural voice, highlighting your transcription as it goes. Fast forward, rewind, adjust the speed and volume to suit you. It makes error-checking easy – you can even do it without reading the text!

Master Dragon effortlessly

Too busy to spend time studying Dragon’s powerful features? No problem – the new Interactive Tutorial gives you short, bite-sized simulations so you can master effective editing, dictation and correcting within minutes. Getting the hang of Dragon has never been easier.

Home or Premium - which one’s for me?

Dictate for
99% accurate out of the box
Correct, edit, format text by voice
Control applications by voice
Use voice shortcuts to browse the web, open files and more
Dictate wirelessly with your iOS or Android device (using Remote Mic app)
Bluetooth Wireless support
Create commands to add frequently used text
Transcribe from digital recorders

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