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The World’s #1 Speech Recognition Solution for
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Join businesses worldwide who turn time savings into cost savings with Dragon, the only speech recognition solution that is powerful enough to transform the way you and your business works.

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Dragon Professional
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Dragon Professional Individual

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Best for corporate deployments

Dragon Professional
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Single license installation

MSI installation

High recognition accuracy from the start  

Ability to learn and adapt to a variety of accents and environments  

Utilises the latest Deep Learning technology  

Quickly and easily transcribe individual voice files to text  

Create individual custom commands to short-cut typing  

Add custom words or word lists  

Use with Nuance PowerMic for optimal dictation and functionality  

Syncs with Dragon Anywhere Individual  

Support for Citrix® and RDP virtualized environments  

Affordable and flexible volume licensing programmes  

Customisable MSI for centralised installs  

Create dynamic profiles  

Create and share powerful customisations across the user community  

Batch transcription tool  

Syncs with Dragon Anywhere Group for mobile employees or field workers  

Centralized administration through the Nuance Management Center (NMC)  

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£549.99 £549.99 £549.99 £549.99 £549.99 £549.99
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Built for business

Super fast document

Fast dictation and high recognition accuracy that continually improves as it adapts to your voice.

Total control with voice commands

Define simple voice commands to speed up tasks and boost productivity.

Works seamlessly with
existing software

Dragon works with all your applications including email, web, spreadsheet and presentations.

Improved efficiency creates more potential

Phenomenal speech recognition capabilities means you work faster and smarter.

Trusted by millions of users and thousands of companies worldwide

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