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Cut documentation
time by two thirds

Use your voice to dramatically reduce the time spent on
paperwork, reduce stress and focus on more productive tasks

Like most businesses you are probably spending more time than you’d like writing reports, composing emails or on other repetitive tasks.

Dragon Professional speech recognition allows you to dramatically reduce the time spent on documentation. Unless you have been trained as a speed typist, speaking is up to three times faster than using a keyboard.

This means less time spent on more productive – or billable - activities that can result in a healthier bottom line. And with up to 50% of those in businesses - from the self-employed to those working for enterprise-level companies - spending up to 8 hours a week just on writing reports, this can lead to precious time wasted.

Utilising Deep Learning technology Dragon allows for fast, accurate dictation and will continually improve as it adapts to your voice. You can also use simple voice commands to short-cut repetitive tasks, and add custom words, acronyms and industry terms to boost overall efficiency.

Join millions of
and put your
voice to work with
Dragon today.

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Dragon reduces admin so I
can focus on billable

See it in action
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Dragon's templates help
me to create reports, forms
and emails. Making my
day more productive.

See it in action

Dragon makes work easier

Speed through

Fast dictation and high recognition accuracy that continually improves as it adapts to your voice.

repetitive tasks

Define simple voice commands to speed up document creation, and boost productivity.

Boost overall

Add custom words for accurate recognition of industry terms, acronyms you use every day.

Give your back
and wrists a break

Escape from the keyboard and your desk to help reduce risk of strains and improve posture.

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What our customers say about Dragon

Jane - Education

Can a product successfully address both accessibility and productivity requirements? In the opinion of Jane Scaysbrook, Specialist Teacher and PATOSS Assessment Practising Certificate, the answer to that question is a resolute ‘yes’, when the product in mind is Dragon, the best-selling desktop speech recognition software from Nuance Communications.

Graeme - SMB

Graeme Blenkinsopp, Owner of Wisemove, Estado and Northern Lets Ltd., shares with us how Dragon has helped his business over the years.

David - Assistive

David Burdus, Director of Burdus Access, outlines how Dragon has helped him run his life as well as his business over the years and how he just can't be without it!