Power PDF Standard


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Nuance Power PDF Standard

Make PDFs as easy as Word documents

Easily and securely convert, edit, annotate and share documents from any application

  • Follows new PDF 2.0 industry standard
  • Supports Windows 10 touch enabled devices
  • Simplified editing within PDF files
  • Create PDF files from any application
  • Fast, fillable forms
  • Secure documents with piece of mind

Power PDF

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Nuance Power PDF Standard is the easiest and most accurate way for demanding PDF users to gain control over PDF files.Create, edit and assemble documents that follow the new PDF 2.0 industry standard document format with the right features for searching, editing and sharing through your favorite cloud service.

Power PDF is the next-generation PDF solution that supports touch-enabled Windows® 10 devices so you can be productive on the go or at your desk. Nuance Power PDF Standard is the leading PDF solution for home and small office use that delivers ease of use and accuracy at an amazing value, freeing you from the compromises of traditional PDF software.

Support for the new industry standard PDF 2.0 format

The new PDF 2.0 standard focuses on the file format, assuring both compatibility and security with programs utilizing and manipulating the file. Be assured that you’re creating the most compatible and secure PDF documents possible with the new Power PDF.

Flexibility to work the way you want

Now featuring the ability to change the interface to the color that suits you best. Choose from blue, light grey, dark grey or the familiar purple. You may also now choose to view documents in separate tabs inside one Power PDF window, or to view each document in a separate Power PDF window.

Combine all open documents in just one click

Users of Power PDF now have a more efficient way to combine all of open documents into a single PDF – just click the “Combine All” option on the Home toolbar and bookmarks will be created from the file names of the original documents.

Enhanced conversion accuracy

Integrated improvements from the latest version of Nuance OmniPage technology, leading to even better word, number and layout accuracy.

Enhanced text editing

Improved the capability in Power PDF to separate blocks of text in editing mode, thus making editing and reflow easier.

Enhanced web site PDF creation

Turn web pages, or entire sections of web sites, into richly interactive PDF files with automatically embedded hyperlinks directly from Power PDF.

Context sensitive editing ribbons

Save time with quick access to settings relevant to what you’re currently working on when an appropriate item has been selected.

Enhanced Page Organisation Features

Users will enjoy the ability to easily swap or duplicate a page, or a range of pages, within the document, from the Document Assembly view.

Enhanced Pencil Annotations

Editing pencil drawing annotations is now much easier and more efficient for users of Power PDF, now that multiple pencil/stylus drawings in close proximity are now grouped into a single annotation.

Ability to embed .MP4 video files into a PDF

Gives users the option to insert this popular, high quality, compressed video format directly into PDF files created in Power PDF, in addition to being able to attach as part of a PDF Portfolio.

JavaScript Secure Certificate Check

Customers whose security policies place restrictions on JavaScript execution will value the ability to require a valid, signed certificate, thereby reducing their organisation’s risk of attack.

Right-to-Left Text Editing

Allow text and comments in right-to-left languages (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.) to be properly edited within Power PDF.

Best customer experience and value

Power PDF is the smarter value in PDF software, leading the way in secure document workflows with intuitive tools that act like a familiar Microsoft Office® 2016 ribbon experience that also supports touch-enabled Windows® 10 tablets and laptops. It features an impressive array of functionality specifically designed to make business staff and mobile professionals more productive at an incredible value.

Turn papers into PDFs more accurately

Create PDF files directly from your scanner with time-saving, one-click scanning to PDF. Scan to standard image, searchable or editable PDF formats. Scan and highlight, cross out or underline – all in a single step.

Create PDF files from any PC application that can print

Instantly create 100% industry-standard PDF files with security options that are fully compliant and compatible with all PDF viewers. You can even add bookmarks and transfer hyperlinks when creating PDF documents from Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Archive important emails as PDFs

The textual, written content of an email can often be as important to your work as its attachments, if not more, so archiving them can be critical to your business. With Power PDF you can easily archive Microsoft Outlook emails and complete email folders as PDF files together with their attachments. Store the converted emails on your PC or document repositories and retrieve them when needed.

Don’t retype your documents

If you must work with PDF documents in other applications, don’t waste valuable time recreating them – convert them. Complex layouts with columns, tables and graphics are accurately and faithfully reproduced in Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® and Corel® WordPerfect® documents. You also get exceptional spreadsheet control and features to allow you to combine all pages of a PDF document into a single Excel worksheet to eliminate tedious cutting and pasting. You can even select, copy and convert just the selected areas of text you need from a PDF document.

Combine and assemble documents with ease

Combine files and remove or replace pages with drag and drop ease. View and select pages from a source document – such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, JPG, BMP, TIF or XPS – to insert into a target document. Just drag and drop the pages to add them into the PDF file, then swap or duplicate a page, or range of pages, when needed. Combine all open documents with one-click, and the original file names will become bookmarks in the new PDF. Use batch tools to automate repetitive tasks and improve efficiency throughout the workplace.

Produce more professional-looking documents

Deliver documents that look as good in print as they do on screen – no matter where you send or view them. Combine any type of file and/or folder into modern PDF Portfolios that can be viewed with any popular PDF reader. You can even add pictures, graphics, movies, audio or 3D drawings to PDF documents to communicate your message with attention-grabbing style.

Connect your documents to the Cloud

Now you can save and access your stored documents in the cloud by connecting directly to Box, Evernote, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. This gives you access to your documents anytime, anywhere through the Web or by the applications of supported mobile devices.

Speak your notes

Use integrated Dragon Notes to easily speak and see your text created as notes within your PDF without typing – it’s fast, accurate, saves time and increases productivity.

Collect information with forms

Don’t let the hassle of filling out long forms slow down your business. FormTyper™ automatically converts non-fillable forms into fillable PDF forms that you can complete, save and email. Create forms from scratch using easy-to-use form drawing tools. Export information in filled-in forms via email or web server so you can sort, search and analyse the data using popular database and spreadsheet file types such as XFDF, HTML, XML, TXT and CSV.

Perform smarter searches

Get the most accurate conversion to searchable PDF available with any PDF solution. Search everything in a document – even the contents of bookmarks and comments – so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Benefit from advanced search functions that list and highlight all instances of found words on the document, so you can locate them easily. Use the intelligent Looks Like Search™ capability to quickly find content like phone numbers, email addresses and Social Security numbers via an alphanumeric pattern rather than exact text. Automatically highlight, cross out or underline search results for faster, easier PDF editing.

A computer with an Intel® Pentium® 4, higher or equivalent processor
Supported operating systems:
Windows 10; 32-bit and 64-bit Editions
Windows 8.1; 32-bit and 64-bit Editions
Windows 7; 32-bit and 64-bit Editions with Service Pack 1
Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2 (Citrix, Active Directory, Remote Desktop Services)
512 MB of memory (RAM), 1 GB recommended.
700 MB of free hard disk space for application files, plus 50 MB working space during installation.
Web access needed for product registration, activation, product help, Dragon Notes and obtaining live updates for the program.
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. If it is not detected, it is installed with the product.

Note: Performance and speed will be enhanced if your computer’s processor, memory, and available disk space exceed minimum requirements. This is especially true when converting very large color PDF files. Hyper-thread enabled, or multi-processor systems can deliver better performance.

Features that mean business

Simplified editing within
PDF files

Faster and more natural editing using word processor-like features without the hassle of converting, saving and opening in another application.

Create PDF files from any

Create PDF files from any of your PC applications while toolbar shortcuts for Microsoft Office allow you to make a PDF copy of your documents with a single click.

Convert PDF files back into your favourite formats

Convert any PDF file into a fully-formatted Microsoft Office document - complete with layout, columns, tables and graph.

Secure documents with peace
of mind

Control document viewing, printing and modification by adding passwords with the highest available level of security: 256-bit encryption.

Dictate your notes with

Quickly and accurately add notes to your PDFs using the included "Dragon Notes" speech recognition tool -it's three times faster than typing.

Fast, fillable

Turn any form into a fillable PDF form with one click, electronically fill forms, and export form data into popular data formats such as CSV, XML and tab-delimited TXT.

PDF sofware built to maximise productivity

Nuance Power PDF Standard accurately converts PDFs into Microsoft Office formats, with an intuitive user interface to minimise learning curve and maximise productivity.

Quick learning curve

Save time and automate

Work on the move

Convert PDFs into MS Office formats

Take control and work the way you want

Voice-controlled note taking

Integrated Dragon® Notes speech recognition allows you to quickly and accurately capture notes within your PDF by speaking them instead of using the keyboard.

Perform smarter searches

Perform intelligent “Looks Like” search to quickly find content, like phone numbers, email addresses and Social Security numbers via an alphanumeric pattern.

Side-by-side document comparison

Quickly identify differences between two versions of a document with a side-by-side comparison tool that accurately highlights changes in text and visuals and provides a summary report of all changes.